Sharepoint 2013 Architecture

1. Logical Architecture

Sharepoint 2013 Logical Components:

  • Farm – the highest level boundary.
  • Service Applications – provide different functionalities to Web Application; they can be shared between Web Applications and even between Farms.
  • Application Pools – help isolate Web Applications; provide a security and resource boundary between Web Applications.
  • Web Applications – an IIS Website; can have one or more content databases.
  • Site Collections – a boundary within a Web Application;
  • Sites – sites that you creates in a Web Application are stored in the content database. You can use central administration to see and manage them.
  • Apps – Lists, Libraries, Items


2. Physical Architecture

  • System Requirement Information

1) System Requirements for Web Servers(WFE) and Application Servers(Service Applications): 64bit, 4 cores, 12GB RAM, 80 GB for system drive.

2) System Requirements for SQL: 64bit, 4-8 cores, 8/16GB RAM, 80 GB for system drive.

  • Virtual Environment Information:




  • Single Farm Topology

1) Small Farm – 3 to 5 servers in a 2-3 tier architecture; serves 10,000 to 20,000 users.

2) Medium Farm – 6 to 10 servers in a 3 tier architecture.

3) Large Farm – more than 10 servers in a 3 tier architecture.

  • Sharepoint Licensing Feature comparison


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