Install and Configure WSUS

Install and Configure WSUS

Start by installing the WSUS role on the Windows Server 2012 machine.

Proceed until you get the following window. If you want your WSUS server to use a SQL database also check the 3rd option.

Specify the location where all the updates will be downloaded and stored. Then proceed until the installation is finished.

After the installation has finished you need to proceed with the “Post-deployment Configuration”.

After the WSUS Configuration window opens verify that you have the following prerequisites and then click Next.

Specify if you want to join the Improvement Program and click Next.

If you don’t already have any upstream servers the choose “Syncronize with Microsoft Update” and click Next.

If you have a proxy enter your settings here. Click Next.

Next click “Start Connecting” to connect to Microsoft Servers.

After it’s done connecting specify for what languages to download updates and then click Next.

Specify the products that you want updated.

Specify what type of updates will be syncronized with your WSUS server.

You can select to Syncronize automatically with the Microsoft Update Servers every day, but you can also manually sync from the WSUS console.

Specify if you want an initial Syncronization to occur and then click Next and Finish.

If you want to change any of these setting you can do it from the WSUS console in the “Options” menu.

Create GPO

Create a Group Policy Object and go ahead and edit it.

Navigate to Computer Configuration->Policies->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Windows Update

Enable Automatic Updates as follows:

You must “Specify intranet Microsoft update service location” so that the client computers connect to the WSUS server. In my example dc1 is both a domain controller and a WSUS server.

After this, all the computers that this GPO applies to will appear into the WSUS console as “Unassigned Computers”. You can create other computer groups and move them as you wish.


Now you can manage all your client computer updates.



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