Windows Server 2012 SSTP VPN

  • Install the Remote Access role. By installing this role you automatically install the Network Policy and Access Services.

  • After the installation is complete open Routing and Remote Access and the you have to select Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access. The configuration is pretty straight forward.

Make sure if you want to enable static filtering or not. If you plan to use the server only for VPN then you can leave it enabled.

This also depends on how you want to provide IP addresses to your clients.

I dont have a RADIUS server. Click Next and then Finish and the configuration is complete.

  • Next you will have to go into the properties of you RRAS server and select the Certificate that you will be using. I have imported my Certificate from my local CA.

For clients to be able to connect to they will have to install the root certificate of the local CA to their computers.

  • And that concludes the installation and configuration of a SSTP VPN server.

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