Automatic Sync with FreeFileSync

How to Set FreeFileSync RealtimeSync.exe to run automatically on Windows

1st thing you need to know how to create a batch job with FreeFileSync main program. Go to Menu > Advanced > Create batch job
Configure the settings as you desired then save it to your desired folder, for this case i will use dektop to save the batch job with a name “Batch.ffs_batch”. Make sure that you enable the silent mode and ignore all error.
After you got the file navigate to FreeFileSync Installation Folder and execute RealtimeSync.exe (Its a litle apps with red FreeFileSync icon). Navigate to Program > Open.
Choose the Batch.ffs_batch file you had created before and then save the Realtime job.Create a shortcut on windows Startup Folder then add :”C:\Program Files\FreeFileSync\RealtimeSync.exe” “C:Realtime.ffs_real”

Now every time you Start your Windows You will had a Realtime Sync Running on the background.


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