Prereq. for SCCM 2012 SP1

1. Add the following roles and features: IIS, BITS, Remote Differential Compression

2. Select the following roles for IIS: Basic Authentification, URL Authentification, IP and Domain Restrictions, Windows Authentication, Management Tools(All), ASP (from Aplication Development)

3. On the Domain Controller open ADSI.edit and create the following Container: System -> System Management

4. Next you have to give Full Control Permissions to the Configuration Manager Computer to access this container. After that you need to click the Advance button and select to apply these permissions to “This object and all descendant objects”.

5. Back from the Configuration Manager Server you need to extend the AD Schema. Mount the Configuration Manager ISO file and execute the “extadsch” file. After it has finished check the file C:\ExtADSch to see if the schema was extended succesfully.

6. We need to install an SQL Server Standard or Enterprise. The only required feature is the Database Engine Services.

7. Make sure you limit the Memory Usage of the SQL server.

8. In case you have installed the SQL Server on a remote computer you need to add the Configuration Manager computer to the local Administrators group on the computer with SQL Server. You will also have to open ports 1433 and 4022(Service Broker) on the firewall of the SQL Server computer.

8. Windows ADK is another prerequisite for SCCM. The following features are required when installing ADK: Deployment Tools, Windows PE, USMT.

9. Another prerequisite is the WSUS Administration Console. Install it by executing the following command in powershell:

Install-WindowsFeature -Name UpdateServices-Ui

10. Install SCCM 2012 R2.


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